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From "T. Park" <>
Subject Cause found [was Re: How do I use a non-apache naming service with tomcat 4?]
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 01:21:16 GMT

I've isolated the cause of the problem down to the inclusion of the javax.naming
package in my 'big everything' jar.
If I remove the javax.naming package from the jar file, then all works well, if
not, we get that wierd 'signature' problem with createNamingContext.
(with or without enabling naming).

Would it seem reasonable not to load naming support jars if tomcat isn't going
to be running a [native] naming service?

My problem here is I have a naming service I want to use and is packaged with
the corresponding javax.naming package that it is based on

the problem is that I'm unable (by default) to control what jndi stuff get's
stuffed on the classpath of tomcat

I'm unable to swap these (the naming support jars) around as tomcat's stuff
seems to have been compiled against a different rev of the javax.naming

So - Do you know what version of javax.naming is in tomcat 4's jndi.jar?

I'm bundling the rev that came with j2ee 1.2.1



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