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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Re: ajp13 and tomcat restart - next (final) release
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 21:04:48 GMT
Henri (+ Larry),

Looks about ready for more general testing.  I like the new
ajp13_operation.  Two things:

 1) l. 672 (op->recoverable = JK_FALSE).

I believe that should be outside of the if statement (i.e. immediately after
the connection_tcp_send_message).  The whole thing becomes unrecoverable as
soon as the 2nd buffer of data gets sent over to TC (at line 669), not just
if there was an error during that send.  

 2) Larry -- what's your feeling about putting this in the next 3.3
milestone?  It's certainly a very heavily requested feature, but I wouldn't
want to swear to its correctness/robustness just yet. 


GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> Hi,
> You could find here the latest patch for ajp13/mod_jk
> when tc is restarted.
> Seems fine and ready to be commited.
> PS: I'll add timestamp in mod_jk logs but I'd like
>     also to remove the datasync in log since it's just
>     to much I/O consuming in debug mode (Ok ?)
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                              Name: jk_ajp13_worker.c.diff
>    jk_ajp13_worker.c.diff    Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>                          Encoding: quoted-printable


Dan Milstein //

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