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From "T. Park" <>
Subject Catalina vs. preServletInit et. al.
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 18:50:07 GMT


I'm a newbie to the Catalina code line and need some guidance (lots

I have a custom interceptor that works really well with Tomcat 3.x that
does some special setup work
in the preServletInit/postServletInit, preService/postService and
preServletDestroy/postServletDestroy methods of
the special RequestInterceptor.

My problem is determining functional equivalents to these in Catalina.

Can anyone give me any pointers - I sort of lost my way in the source
code and documentation
(primarily due to existing references to 'interceptors' in both comments
and docs.)

Is there still a way to do some pre/post processing for each
corresponding servlet call (init,destroy and service).

I looked at VavleBase and couldn't see any direct comparison.



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