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From Bip Thelin <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT 4.x SSI Status
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 01:20:30 GMT
Attached is the latest SSI package, it's not heavily tested. It supports expiration on
the SSI page and buffering. Check below how to use it also ook below on what's implemented
and what's not. Amy, check the files and mail me and we can decide how to work on the
package towards a "stable" release.

BTW; Anyone know where to buy those old pimp-ass Kung Fu movies in San Francisco?
I'm talking about stuff like: 36chambers, Chess Boxing, 5 deadly Venoms, Wu-tang.

	Cheers, Bip


::::::: Implemented / Not implemented
* == fully supported.
# == partly supported.
@ == virtual directive not supported.
+ == Missing enviromental variables: 
DOCUMENT_NAME: The current filename. 
DOCUMENT_URI: The virtual path to this document (such as /docs/tutorials/foo.shtml). 
QUERY_STRING_UNESCAPED: The unescaped version of any search query the client sent, with all
shell-special characters escaped with \. 
DATE_LOCAL: The current date, local time zone. Subject to the timefmt parameter to the config
DATE_GMT: Same as DATE_LOCAL but in Greenwich mean time. 
LAST_MODIFIED: The last modification date of the current document. Subject to timefmt like
the others. 

::::::: To use add the following to your web.xml:
		<!-- debug > 0 == debug enabled -->
		<!-- time in seconds before the SSI page expires -->
		<!-- 0 == false; 1 == true -->

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