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From Ulrich Haase <>
Subject Bug mod_jk request-response
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:52:26 GMT
Hi there,

we are using apache/tomcat for a high performance commercial site in

The Environment consists of apache 1.3.14 and tomcat 3.2 connected by
AJP13, both running on the same server (Sun Sparc, Solaris 2.6). The
uses sessions that are established by sessionids
(Backend/Applicationserver session ID).
These sessionids are encoded in URLs resp. send as POST parameters.
They are completely handled by the JSP resp. servlets.
Tomcat generated sessionids are not used.

We observed the problem that a user switches to a session of a different

user under high load. After deeply investigating the debug logs of the
application in
alle stages we believe, that there is a problem in the communication
apache and tomcat: it looks like user A gets as the reply to his request
response which should have gone to user B.

Do you know of any similar problem? How big are the chances, that such a

bug still is in AJP13?

I don't know, if you are the right developer to address this issue. We
would be pleased if you could give us any hint - or even better a
workaround or patch.

The issue is very important to us. The site is one of the biggest online

commercial sites in germany and production was stopped due to this

Three more hints, not as important to us:

1) The logfile for mod_jk should contain timestamps.
2) The documentation states there is a loglevel warn for mod_jk, but it
does not exist. If
one uses an invalid loglevel mod_jk defaults to debug.
3) The logging of mod_jk is unacceptably slow, because it flushes the
physical disks every
time it writes a log entry.

Thanks for any help in our first mentioned important problem.


Rainer Jung

P.S.: Please send CC for any reply to

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