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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: Is Tomcat Stable Enough ?
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 09:52:26 GMT
Hi Jerry!

> "Jerry G. Wang" wrote:
> is Tomcat stable for production environment ? on which platform does
> it perform better ? does anyone know where i can get this info ?

I think your question is more of an user question, since it does not
deal with development of Tomcat.

>From my experience:

Tomcat 3.2.1 is stable enough, and I suppose Tomcat 3.2.2 will be even
more stable.

The connection to Apache seems to be a big source of problems. Haven't
tried it though -- standalone Tomcat works fine for me. If you're
serving static content, you'd like to make it.

If you're talking about production requirements, you'd be surprised:
JRun, for example, is a piece of crap compared to it. iPlanet is quite
stable, but then it's got bugs -- sometimes does not work as advertised.

Tomcat works ok on Win2000 and Solaris. It performs better (not
surprisingly) on Solaris -- I guess a Linux box would do ok.

All this info is quite unspecific; if you want more detailed
information, you should ask what is worrying you -- requests/second,
number of connections, thread pools or whatever. "Production
environment" sounds like a broad subject to me.

Un saludo,


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