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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Update to mod_jk-howto.html
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 04:48:01 GMT

First off, thanks for working on this doc -- it's great to see someone
bringing the user docs for mod_jk up to date.

However, two things:

 1) If you can run 'diff -u' (if you've got it from cvs, 'cvs diff -u'), it
will produce the diff in "unified" format, which makes it possible to merge
changes via the patch program.  Without that, I'd have to apply things more
or less by hand.

 2) Chris Pepper actually submitted some fixes to this same doc (mostly
reformating the HTML and fixing typos), which I have, but haven't yet
committed (my fault).   I want to apply both of your fixes.  I'm attaching a
copy of his patch.  

If you want to make me a very happy committer, you could apply his patch to
the current version under cvs, make your changes, and then produce a diff
from that (I'll then apply that and credit you both).  

If you want to make me merely a fairly happy committer, you can say, "I'm
too busy to do that Dan, so I'm just running diff -u for my fixes based on
what's currently in cvs, and I'll send you that".  Then I can merge your and
Chris's work myself (which won't kill me, and will teach me to commit things
which are sent in!).


Mike Braden wrote:
> This patch updates the mod_jk-howto.html to include the latest changes for
> TC3.3's mod_jk configuration files.
> Updates:
> - Updated section on configuring Tomcat to include setting up the
>   <ApacheConfig /> tag
> - Updated path references to the mod_jk.conf-auto and
>   from conf/ to conf/jk/
> Mike.
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> Mike Braden
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