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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Re: FW: problem w/ ajp13 - if Tomcat is shutdown
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:31:27 GMT

I think you're right about not trying to clean out the cache of endpoints. 
Too much work and not really necessary.

I'd be happy to check your code, but I don't think I've seen it -- did you
submit it to the list (I may have missed a few messages to the list)?


GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> >In the mean time, I have taken Henri's changes and back
> >port it to 3.2.1 (because I need it on 3.2.1). Everything
> >seems to work well. I've tested it in the normal scenarios
> >(one Apache, one Tomcat) and in the load-balanced scenarios.
> Thanks for using the patch and tested it under LoadBalanced
> Tomcats.
> >In the load-balanced scenarios, when I restart TC worker 1,
> >the code properly close the dead sockets and re-establish
> >new ones to the same worker (TC worker 1). The good
> >connections to TC worker 2 are untouched. They stay
> >connected.
> Normal procedure
> >I did notice something wierd. But this is un-related
> >to the code edits. This happens with or without Henri's
> >changes. When I restart TC worker 1, but shut down TC
> >worker 2, requests that supposed to go to TC worker 2
> >(because they belong to the same session, thus the load
> >balancer try to foward it to the same TC worker 2) took
> >sometime to get forwarded to TC worker 1. This maybe
> >another one of those "improvements" that can be done
> >to the load balancer worker.
>  No problem here, when you shutdown a Tomcat in a
> load balancing architecture, you got request goes
> to the second even if there is a JVMROUTE set .
> >Anyway, I'm pretty happy with Henri's changes. (Thanks
> >Henri!). Henri, are you going to check in the changes?
> I'd like to see Dan check it since I created a second memory
> pool rmsg but I'm not too confident on it :
> +        rmsg = jk_b_new(&(p->pool));
> +        jk_b_set_buffer_size( rmsg, DEF_BUFFER_SZ);
> +     jk_b_reset(rmsg);
> See you
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