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From Thomas Riemer <>
Subject Logging Issues
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 20:11:16 GMT
Here's a couple of thoughts/notes on logging:  (3_3_1_m1)

1. I ran into a problem with mod_jk where I got hideous performance once
my mod_jk log file got up over a certain
size.  (requests that normally take 1200 ms, taking 12,000 ms).   The
solution seemed to be to pare down
mod_jk logging to a bare minimum.   It looked like mod_jk was doing a
complete scan of the log each time
it wrote something to it.

2. I am sure that the issues of logging and log4j have been raised
before.   Clearly logging is a critical function
 of any servlet engine.   So here it is folks:  If the consensus was
that log4j was the way to go, I'd be willing to volunteer to  fight
through the issues and make the changes to A) get the 3.3 line to use
log4j  B) provide reasonable configuration files for log4j and C) Write
a generic admin configurator to spit out a simplistic version of a log4j
configuration file for  tomcat.    I've been impressed with log4j to
date.    I've recently gone through this process
with our own internal software here.  Its a tedious editting chore, but
generally a no brainer.


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