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From Bip Thelin <>
Subject Re: [TOMCAT 4.x SSI] Update
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 19:16:53 GMT
Hans Bergsten wrote:
> JSSI supports most of the NCSA SSI commands as well as the <servlet> tag for
> invoking servlets. In addition, it implements a number of configurable settings,
> such as expiration time, buffering, (and server-side caching, I believe) etc.

When I started writing the SSI-servlet I did not have in mind to
add support for ".jhtml", I was envisioning a servlet that _only_ supported
NCSA SSI. I believe that SSI support and ".jhtml" support are two different
packages so therefore when I looked at JSSI I did it from a view of how easy
it was to modify this to work with Tomcat, for me and write up the missing SSI commands
and also "strip out" the ".jhtml" support since I believe that that's another
package/servlet/"whatever" to be implemented. Both so that it leaves the user
with most flexibility as well as making it easier for us to maintain/update/modify
without breaking the other functionality. I came to the conclusion that it was
probably easier for me to try to use what JSSI has done in terms of SSI commands
and implement that in "my" framework than it was for me to port the whole
application. By the way, I just implemented Expiration and buffering.

> Most importantly, people who come to Tomcat from JServ are primarily interested
> in getting the same SSI support as they had in JServ. So in addition to saving
> on the initial implementation time by porting JSSI instead of starting from
> scratch,
> you will also end up with the SSI functionality the majority of the users
> expect.

My goal is to stick to the NCSA SSI standard and maybe later on add support for xSSI
so I don't think that _anyone_ will have problem with the SSI implementation from a
user perspective.

> So I strongly suggest that you port JSSI. Most of it can be used as is. The only
> things that need to be tweaked are probably using resources instead of File,
> and using a different interface to ask Tomcat to load servlets. You may even
> drop support for the class and init parameters in the <servlet> tag, and then
> get away with just using the standard features in Servlet 2.3:
> getNamedDispatcher()
> plus a request wrapper that merges the original parameters with the ones
> specified
> in the <servlet> tag.

I'm not trying the reinvent the wheel, I just want to accomplish a robust SSI-package
that does only that and does it good. I haven't looked at ".jhtml" and hadn't even planned
to write up that support for tomcat. But if my spare time allows me maybe I should :)

Anyone can feel free to comment since I'm more than willing to discuss and eventually change
my mind in this matter for the best of the outcome.


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