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From Hans Bergsten <>
Subject Re: [TOMCAT 4.x SSI] Update
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 00:41:50 GMT
Bip Thelin wrote:
> Hans Bergsten wrote:
> >
> > Sorry, I should have commented on this earlier. It seems like you could save
> > a lot of time on this by porting the JSSI package (from java,
> > instead of implementing SSI from scratch. I did that not too long ago for
> > Tomcat 3.2. For Tomcat 4, it would be a little bit different but the majority of
> > the code would be the same.
> > [...]
> I haven't seen the JSSI package before but it seem's more focused on supporting
> ".jhtml" than the "normal" SSI (.shtml). I don't know if it's easier to port it
> and write up those SSI commands that are missing, like 'exec' for instance. Anyway
> it will serve as a good ground for ".jhtml" support.

JSSI supports most of the NCSA SSI commands as well as the <servlet> tag for
invoking servlets. In addition, it implements a number of configurable settings,
such as expiration time, buffering, (and server-side caching, I believe) etc.

Most importantly, people who come to Tomcat from JServ are primarily interested
in getting the same SSI support as they had in JServ. So in addition to saving
on the initial implementation time by porting JSSI instead of starting from
you will also end up with the SSI functionality the majority of the users

So I strongly suggest that you port JSSI. Most of it can be used as is. The only
things that need to be tweaked are probably using resources instead of File,
and using a different interface to ask Tomcat to load servlets. You may even
drop support for the class and init parameters in the <servlet> tag, and then
get away with just using the standard features in Servlet 2.3:
plus a request wrapper that merges the original parameters with the ones
in the <servlet> tag.

Hans Bergsten
Gefion Software
Author of JavaServer Pages (O'Reilly),

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