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From Valery Brasseur <>
Subject Re: Some benchmarks
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 10:45:20 GMT
I need to choose for my company the "next generation" servlet-engine.
For now we are using JRUN. I am doing benchmark to choose the next one.
choices for me are : JRUN, RESIN... not Tomcat as it is considered not
and slow compare to the two others...

my tests are done with LoadRunner and scenario from the load testing of
some of our applications
which are actually in production.

In these tests JRUN and Resin perform equally. Tomcat is get out of
memory, is slow compared to the other and sometimes even crashed the

my plateform for these test is : SUN Netra t1 105 UltraSPARC-IIi 440MHz,
512Mb, Netscape Web Server, SUN JDK 1.2.2

for info : for most people in my company Tomcat, would be the choice if
it was of the same quality as the two other ! so if someone could help ! wrote:
> > >
> > > Suggestions for improving the tests are welcome.
> >
> > Please test Resin and Orion too, next we will beat'em..
> As I said, setting goals and stopping when you reach them is very
> important ( and hard ).
> Beeing faster than Resin or Orion was not my goal - running at a speed
> comparable with Apache standalone and mod_perl was, and I think we are
> there.
> Now the only performance issue on my list is mod_jk ( the java side still
> need work to improve a bit the performance ). But fixing the bugs and
> making tomcat easier to use is far more important - and the connector
> module can be released independently, as a standalone module ( i.e. after
> 3.3 is released - stability is also more important than performance,
> I would vote for an ajp14 for performance and other "dev" enhancements,
> and making ajp13 the "stable" protocol instead of 12 ).
> --
> Costin
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