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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4 unpacking of WAR files behavior
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 21:51:41 GMT

What I am trying to do is start a discussion of _what_ the behaviour should be,
so it can be fixed. I already consider the current behaviour to be broken.

For example deploying a war on starutp, then undeploying it on shutdown
adds unnecessary overhead to the tomcat start/stop processing.  This would
be a huge issue in a hosting environment where you might have 100's of war



Remy Maucherat wrote:
> > I consider this a bug.  Tomcat should not be removing contexts that have
> > been expanded out into a directory in webapps.
> >
> >
> > If unpackWARs="false", then nothing is expanded out into webapss, the war
> > file is expanded out as needed into the work dir, correct?
> The JARs are indeed expanded as a temporary fix for Jasper. There is hope
> that we can perhaps use a tweaked version of javac which would load classes
> from a classloader (in which case no expanding is needed).
> > But if unpackWARs="true", what should the behaviour be in the following
> cases:
> >
> > A war file exits, but no directory exists matching war file prefix.
> > -> create directory name matching war file prefix and expand war file.
> >
> > A war file exists, and a corresponding directory exists.  The war file
> last
> > mod time is older than directory. -> Don't expand war file.
> That's what is done right now, except that the deployed (read : expanded)
> WAR is undeployed when you shut down Catalina.
> > A war file exists, and a corresponding directory exists. The war file last
> > mod time is newer than the directory. ->  ???  You have one of two cases,
> > a completely different web app exists in a directory with the same name as
> > a new war file, or an updated war file for was installed and the directory
> > is for the previously expanded version.  What now?
> >
> > And when tomcat is shutdown it should not remove any unpacked war files,
> > this can significantly increase the time it takes tomcat to
> startup/shutdown.
> It will only remove files if it did actually deploy the corresponding WAR.
> Remy
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