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From Bip Thelin <>
Subject [Tomcat 4.x] SSI package
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 02:41:00 GMT
Attatched is a _very_ early release of the SSI package. It's just the initial framework
and one working SSI command 'fsize' which returns a file's size. Looks like this:
'<!--#fsize virtual="/tomcat.gif"-->' I appologize for the
path in the Zipfile, for some reason Winzip screwed up my path. Anyway this is how the
file layout should look like once deployed.
        - servlets /
         - util / ssi /

To try it out map e.g "*.shtml" to the SsiInvoker in web.xml.
	<!-- The SSI invoker servlet -->

	<!-- The mapping for the SSI servlet -->
	<!-- Comment this out if you do not want "jsp" service -->

I'd love constructive critic on design issues as well as eventual performance issues or bugs.
I'll try and finish the other ones soon and have the whole package up to a "final/production"


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