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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: ajp13 and tomcat restart - next (final) release
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 21:15:41 GMT
>Henri (+ Larry),
>Looks about ready for more general testing.  I like the new
>ajp13_operation.  Two things:
> 1) l. 672 (op->recoverable = JK_FALSE).

I'll check that.

>I believe that should be outside of the if statement (i.e. 
>immediately after
>the connection_tcp_send_message).  The whole thing becomes 
>unrecoverable as
>soon as the 2nd buffer of data gets sent over to TC (at line 
>669), not just
>if there was an error during that send.  


> 2) Larry -- what's your feeling about putting this in the next 3.3
>milestone?  It's certainly a very heavily requested feature, 
>but I wouldn't
>want to swear to its correctness/robustness just yet. 

I'd like to have it in m3. After all mx are also here to test fixes.
All in one the previous code was seriously damaged.
I strongly think we must commit it to have report on it and fixes
before beta 1.

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