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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: TC3.3 - building javadoc
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:25:18 GMT
>Currently, when you run the build script (for TC 3.3),
>build.xml has 'dist' dependent on the 'javadoc'
>target.  The 'javadoc' target compiles javadoc pages
>for org.apache.tomcat.core and
>I dunno about you, but this seems insufficient for
>'dist'.  Shouldn't the javadoc set for distribution
>include all or most of the packages?  
>Also, it would probably be useful for dev
>documentation purposes to have some secondary javadoc
>targets like javadoc.tomcat.core',
>'javadoc.tomcat.util', 'javadoc.tomcat.modules',
>'javadoc.jasper', etc.  That way when you work on the
>javadocs for a package you can rapidly compile just
>that section.  This MIGHT encourage better documenting
>of code than is currently happening... :-)
>Anybody else think this is a good (or bad) idea?

+1 for build.xml 

I use ant dist in my RPM

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