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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: mod_webapp status?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:53:11 GMT
>Since mod_jk is using just a few APR-like functions, the transition
>woulnd't be difficult - but it's important to do it at the right time.
>And IMHO that should come as a decision from tomcat-dev - I would feel
>very bad if Henri or Dan would decide to switch to APR without 
>a serious  discussion on tomcat-dev. 

Don't worry, I never said I'll modify mod_jk to use APR, and I 
didn't remember Dan speak about it. We're correcting the remaining
>And at this moment I would be strongly -1: APR is still beta, 
>while tomcat is used in production, the code we use works and 
>has been ported on most platforms we care, the extra overhead 
>will hurt users, and I don't know any real-world use of APR 
>as a portable runtime with NES or IIS or AOLServer - it should work, 
>but I need to see at least one proof before we start depending on that.  

+1 and you know I use Tomcat in production and the current mod_jk 
works well for me on Linux Boxes. 

Let's be pragmatic. mod_jk works on many Unix systems, Windows and 
Netware. The most important build feature to add is the configure 
(autoconf) stuff to help build mod_jk on many more targets. 
We even can take a look at APR configure which detect the various envs. 

There was a confusion on mod_jk, mod_webapp and APR. 

> I said :
> APR is a great piece of code but it will restrict Tomcat
> to have only one front-end, Apache Web Server.
> and little time after 
>What I wanted to say is that mod_webapp didn't have wrapper code
>for use with IIS or NES or JNI. Only a module for Apache 1.3/2.0
Now only mod_jk let you connect Tomcat to Apache (1.3/2.0), IIS or NES. 

I really feel that mod_jk will be the reference connector for many
months. it use a network protocol, ajp13, which works well even if
the protocol could be improved. 

I allready speak about that improvement (ajp13++ or ajp14). In that
case a new protocol will be added but the core of mod_jk will stay the
same. mod_jk works well now with ajp12, ajp13 why not an ajp14 which
features like strongest ACL (connect time), forward load/unload of 
context/webapp to Apache web server, better recovery in updload mode.... 
>Of course, I can't -1 something in mod_webapp - since nobody asked or
>proposed or discussed any of the mod_webapp developments ( or even
>requirements, or anything else for that matter - except announcements
>about the progress ). 


Pier you need to make more reports on mod_webapp if you want others 
people involved into that project. For example, the switch to APR 
was not discussed on the list.

You may read the various discussions between I and Dan about mod_jk
and everybody known what we're doing. 

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