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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] The Commons - web connector
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 00:45:13 GMT
Still no response for this sub-project proposal.

The upcoming PMC could be an occasion to speak about it.

I saw at least 4 potentials commiters working on it :

- Dan Milstein, our resident hacker/expert of mod_jk.
- Keith Wannamaker, webdav specialist
- Pier P. Fumagalli, mod_jserv and mod_webapp father
- I, Henri Gomez, mod_jk and adaptation to Apache 2.0 

We start speaking of an updated mod_jk with ajp13++ (ajp14)
which must fix current known problem like :

- lack of security between Apache / Tomcat 
  Tomcat accept connection from anybody to it's ajp12/ajp13 
  connector. We may add so trivial authentification scheme
  at least at connect time. 
  Nothing too expensive but last days on Tomcat list there is
  an interesting Thread on 'Encrypting password' ('challenge-response')
- problem with large upload between client -> apache -> tomcat.
  If tomcat is broken between the upload we just couldn't do anything
  with remaining data and load-balancing/fault-tolerant will be no help
  there. We must have a persitant storage used in these upload case (flat
file ?)

- context loading/unloading information could be sent from  
  Tomcat to Apache to let him choose a working Tomcat for 
  the requested context. Indispensable in production site with
  many virutal where admin will want to update specific context.

- mod_jk handle load-balancing but many will just want a simple 
  fault-tolerant configuration. I Tomcat1 fail just go to Tomcat2,
  and just in that case.

Thanks to comment.....

>Hi to all,
>What about a new sub-project, web connector, where all
>the developpement on mod_jserv and mod_jk 
>(and why not mod_webapp) could live.
>Apache 1.3 and 2.0 are allready supported by mod_jk but also
>IIS, AOL, and NES (iPlanet) even JNI.
>Tomcat's 3.x and 4.x provide interfaces (modules,
>interceptor or whatever) that these connectors will implement :)
>A project which could be in The Commons even if there is 
>still C code inside but also many java part (TC mod/interceptor).
>We could (must) see Tomcat 4.x use mod_jk or Tomcat 3.x use
>mod_webapp from Apache 2.0...
>Comments ?

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