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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: FW: problem w/ ajp13 - if Tomcat is shutdown
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 22:48:38 GMT
I proposed to <>  list some
days now
that we start a subproject called web-connector where 
we could put mod_jk/mod_jserv/mod_webapp with both
native (Apache, NES, IIS) and Java (Modules/Interceptors for 
TC 3.2.x, 3.3 and 4.0)
Still no response but I really think we must externalize
that connector stuff from Tomcat's core code ;-)
 >  1) First off, I strongly believe that this work (which I think is an 
> excellent feature, BTW), belongs in the 3.3 branch, and *not* in 3.2. 
> Although it feels like a bug that we need to restart Apache 
> every time we restart TC, it's documented behavior, and I 
> consider fixing it more of a feature enhancement.  The scope 
> of work you're doing here is considerable, and the code you're 
> modifying is complex (and involves lots of different possible 
> situations).  I would not feel comfortable committing this to 3.2 
> unless it had seen a *lot* of testing in the 3.3 branch.  (Am 
> I incorrect in remembering that there has been discussion of 
> putting this into 3.2?) 

Dan, sorry for not clarifying. I'm back porting the changes to my 
own company's CVS, not the Apache Tomcat's CVS. We have decided 
that we need this changes on our 3.2.1 Tomcat release but can't 
afford to release Tomcat 3.3 beta right now. 

So you can definitely check in the changes to 3.3 branch, and 
not 3.2.1. I think we've discussed that and that was agreed. 


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