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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: FW: problem w/ ajp13 - if Tomcat is shutdown
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 10:51:50 GMT
Here how we could do :

>Okay, I basically agree with you. I'll take out 
>the check for errno and just have recv() == -1 
>be considered a recoverable error (i.e: retry it). 
>However, I disagree with making the retry in a 
>loop for RETRIES times. This is because if one 
>retry fails, this means this error condition may 
>not be recoverable without any human interventions. 

We must retry against eventual other workers in a
LoadBalancing system. I must verify that my patch
allow that.

>What is the point of retrying more than once? 

No problem, I'll retry 3 times. It's a special
case, exception, so we could spend some time to
re-establish the connection to a working unit.

>My goal is not to wait for TC to come back up 
>or to wait for TC to be in a good state. My goal 
>is, if TC is in a good state already, why tell 
>the caller that it's an error. 



I agree, with the new version you could see that we try
X time to send the request. It wasn't the case previously
which make me think that load-balancing was only working
on active server, but failed completly when one of then
was stopped.


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