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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Re: TC3.3 Proposal: Refactoring org.apache.jasper.servlet
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 15:21:11 GMT

--- Glenn Nielsen <> wrote:
> I have made some changes to the Jasper code in
> Tomcat 4 that
> you might want to look at.

I will definitely be looking at TC 4.

> 1.  In general the Java SecurityManager
> implemenation in Tomcat 4
> and Jasper has significant improvements and is much
> cleaner.

I copied some of this in my current implementation. 
Shoudn't be too hard to keep it in when I port.

> 2.  Jasper class loading is much simpler in the
> Tomcat 4 version.
> It uses a single URLClassLoader for each JSP page,
> this allowed
> me to simplify a great deal how Jasper handles
> generation of class
> and package names (no more need to do incremental
> .java and .class files).
> And it removed alot of overhead at both JSP
> translation and runtime
> when Jasper tries to figure out which incremental
> class file to use/check.
> This sped up JSP compiles by 33% and runtime
> execution by 25%.

The refactoring I propose would indeed use one
class-loader per page.  My current implementation does
this leveraging a subclass of JasperLoader but I'll
explore using URLClassLoader.  I would need to make
sure that it is compatible with jdk1.1 (a tc3.3
requirement) so if I used URLClassLoader, I'd need to
provide a jdk1.1 replacement ala the way tomcat
startup does.  This actually should be pretty easy
since I'm getting the loader via a factory method.

> And before you ask, I just don't have the time to
> back port these
> changes in TC3.3.

Don't worry - I totally understand this!  :-)


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