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From powerlifter <>
Subject What does this jk_ call do?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 18:14:06 GMT
I'm trying to trace down why I'm getting a failure on load.

Here's the section of code that throws the error.

<CODE SOURCE="jk_jni_worker.c">

    if(jk_get_worker_jvm_path(props, p->name, &str_config)) {
        p->jvm_dll_path  = jk_pool_strdup(&p->p, str_config);

    if(!p->jvm_dll_path || !jk_file_exists(p->jvm_dll_path)) {
        jk_log(l, JK_LOG_EMERG, "Fail-> no jvm_dll_path\n");
        return JK_FALSE;

Although the JVM's directory is in my path, it seems that this
fails.  One--I don't know if the file doesn't exist or the 
char * jvm_dll_path is null (next time, break the debug info out!),
but regardless, my Tomcat installation (using IIS 5 and the
isape_redirector) throws this error before even starting.

So, if you can tell me what the call does, then I can look on
my system to see if I've got some ungodly config issue.

Of course, all help is MUCHO appreciated.

. . . powerlifter
      lift 'til your eyez bleed
      365 bench - 505 deadlift - 515 squat

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