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From Arieh Markel <Arieh.Mar...@Sun.COM>
Subject Proposal for implementation of lookup of localized web-resources
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 15:19:16 GMT
We are about to release a product on which we include Tomcat 3.2.

Our testing and localization people have been banging at our product
and come up with several remarks about how lookup for a localized
resource (file: html, gif, javascript, etc) are being done.

I have in the past contributed localization code to the 3.2 code base.

I have received a couple of remarks from the localization people.

The current way that localization is done on the code I contributed
to 3.2 was what I called 'file-based' lookup.

An alternative method that I implemented in our application (but have
not contributed to Jakarta yet) is 'docbase-based' lookup.

Here is a brief overview of both mechanisms:

Assume locale in request is:		fr_CA
Assume locale of where tomcat is set:	en_US

   requested path	

   file-based:		(path/<filebasename>[locale].filetype)
1. <docbase>/dir/.../index_fr_CA.html
2. <docbase>/dir/.../index_fr.html
3. <docbase>/dir/.../index_en_US.html
4. <docbase>/dir/.../index_en.html
5. <docbase>/dir/.../index.html

   docbase-based:	([locale]/path/filename)

1. <docbase>/fr_CA/dir/.../index.html
2. <docbase>/fr/.../index.html
3. <docbase>/en_US/.../index.html
4. <docbase>/en/.../index.html
5. <docbase>/dir/.../index.html

File-based lookup works in a manner similar to how ResourceBundle does.

Docbase-based lookup is similar to how JavaHelp organizes the files.


Implementation proposal:

a. create a class 'org.apache.tomcat.util.Localization' (for 3.x).
	          'org.apache.catalina.util.Localization' (for 4.x).

b. implement two static methods:

	public static String getLocalizedPathFileBased (
			String dir, String path, Locale loc, Locale fbLoc)
	public static String getLocalizedPathDocBaseBased (
			String dir, String path, Locale loc, Locale fbLoc)

c. For 3.x:  in StaticInterceptor, add "localization" as a property
   with valid values of:
   		"file" "docbase"
d. For 4.x:  (I have just begun looking at the code yesterday - would
	      appreciate some pointers from the 4.x experts of where the
	      serving of resource is done)

Any opinions ?

Much of the code has already been written and has been tested.

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