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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject TC3.3 build not generating javadocs?
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 23:12:58 GMT
I notice that as of a day or two ago (my last major
'update' from CVS) that now when I build tomcat 3.3,
even after a 'clean', that only a few of the javadocs
get generated.  Specifically, just those in

I realize that for some folks, they don't want to wait
to rebuild all the javadocs everytime they build.  So
maybe it makes sense to have the script not build them
by default.  However, I'd like for someone to tell me
how to modify the build.xml script to re-enable
complete generation of the javadocs for all the
packages.  I am an Ant newbie and the build.xml looks
strange and frightening to me!  :-)



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