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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject [PATCH][tc3.3]Re: Proposed change
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 23:03:55 GMT
{sorry about the resend - I hit the send button early
last time}
The attached PATCH modifies 
org.apache.tomcat.modules.config.ApacheConfig to add
some needed flexibility.  I need someone who is
running apache and tomcat3.3 using mod_jserv to test
it in that 
configuration and give their feedback.

I've tested it with mod_jk on winNT and linux 6.2 and
it seems to work fine.  I would of course welcome any
tests that would uncover things I may have overlooked.
 As soon as I have a reasonable amount of feedback to
resolve any such oversights, I will commit the

The nature of the changes is as follows.  First off, 
if you haven't been using the latest tomcat3.3, you
need to tell it to auto-generate the Apache config
files for jserv and jk. To do this, the only thing you
need to do is insert an <ApacheConfig/> config
intercepter element inside the ContextManager tag like

<ContextManager ... >
  <ApacheConfig />

That will make sure that ApacheConfig is invoked.

In the absence of any attributes in the
tag the only difference in behavior should be that the
LoadModule statements will be wrapped in 
<IfModule !mod_name.c>
tags to make the loads conditional.

In addition to making the LoadModule
statements conditional, I've also added some
attributes to the <ApacheConfig /> tag that should
help setting up Apache and Tomcat deployments:

confighome - default parent directory for the
  paths. If not set, this defaults to TOMCAT_HOME.
  Ignored whenever any of the following paths is
jservconfig - path to write apache jserv conf file to.
  If not set, defaults to
jkconfig - path to write apacke mod_jk conf file to.
  If not set, defaults to "conf/jk/mod_jk.conf".

workersconfig - path to file used
  by mod_jk. If not set, defaults to

modjserv - path to Apache JServ plugin module file.
  If not set, defaults to
  "modules/ApacheModuleJServ.dll" on windows, 
  "modules/Jserv.nlm" on netware, and
  "libexec/" everywhere else. 
modjk - path to Apache mod_jk plugin file. If not
   set, defaults to "modules/mod_jk.dll" on windows,
   "modules/mod_jk.nlm" on netware, and
   "libexec/" everywhere else. 

jklog - path to log file to be used by mod_jk. 

All of these attributes are optional.

Please try the patch out and let me know if you have
any problems.

Send me a +1 if you think it should be committed.



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