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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Re: Proposed change
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 05:34:36 GMT


I'm pretty much done with the mods I wanted to make (I
ended up adding a few extras) and am in the testing
and documenting phase.  Should be ready tomorrow.

BTW: I figured out soon after my last post that the
only thing I needed to do enable auto-generation of
apache config files was to insert an <ApacheConfig/>
config intercepter element inside the ContextManager
tag like so:

<ContextManager ... >
  <ApacheConfig />

That returned it to the default 3.2.1 behavior.
--- Dan Milstein <> wrote:

> I would strongly vote for turning the auto-config
> back on by default for the
> following reasons (other than the fact that I
> explicity turned it back on
> when Keith fixed the ApacheConfig class):
>  1) This is how 3.2 worked, and how the docs specify
> that 3.3 works.

I think that that is a strong argument in favor of
having it enabled.  The cost in startup performance is
negligible and runtime is essentially zero so I
advocate defaulting it to enabled.  At a minimum, the
ApacheConfig element should be present in the
server.xml file to comment/uncomment out to toggle.

>  2) Configuration of mod_jk is notoriously
> complicated.  Giving people the
> auto generated file is a big, big win.

Aside from the proposed mod to make the LoadModule
statement conditional, I've also added some attributes
to the <ApacheConfig /> tag that should greatly help
setting up Apache and Tomcat together:

confighome - default parent directory for the
  paths. If not set, this defaults to TOMCAT_HOME.
  Ignored whenever any of the following paths is
jservconfig - path to write apache jserv conf file to.
  If not set, defaults to
jkconfig - path to write apacke mod_jk conf file to. 
  If not set, defaults to "conf/jk/mod_jk.conf".
  workersconfig - path to file used
  by mod_jk. If not set, defaults to

modjserv - path to Apache JServ plugin module file. If
  not set, defaults to
  "modules/ApacheModuleJServ.dll" on windows, 
  "modules/Jserv.nlm" on netware, and
  "libexec/" everywhere else. 
modjk - path to Apache mod_jk plugin file. If not set,
   defaults to "modules/mod_jk.dll" on windows,
   "modules/mod_jk.nlm" on netware, and
   "libexec/" everywhere else. 

jklog - path to log file to be used by mod_jk. 

All of these attributes are optional.

>  3) For the people who run it in standalone, we can
> provide a comment in the
> file telling them to "comment out the below".   That
> way it would work out
> of the box for both types (standalone + behind
> Apache), and be very easy for
> people to tune to their needs.
> Since the syntax has changed (and I've never been a
> server.xml master), I'm
> not sure where the AutoConfig stuff would go now.

Lemme know if you guys like/dislike the above changes.
 I should be able to have it ready early tomorrow
(Sunday).  I will post a PATCH version first so I can
get some feedback on test configurations I don't have


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