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From "Punky Tse" <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp status?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 03:03:49 GMT
> Let's say, webapp needs to use 10% of APR, but that 10% represents 90% of
> its complexity (shmem, mutexes, I/O)... Even if it's not final when Tomcat
> goes final, that shouldn't prevent us from using it... It's a good
> and why doing ourselves what others are already doing (and are far more
> knowledgeable than whoever is on this list, I might add!)
> I trust the HTTPd and APR teams 100%

Agree! And I trust them all!

I think the APR is much more stable than the httpd-server itself, in terms
of reliability of code and stablibility of API.  This is because it is the
lowest layer of httpd and it must be robust enough.

Same as APR, Mozilla has NSPR which serves the same purpose.  Although
Mozilla is still in alpha/beta stage, but NSPR is stablized.


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