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From "Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso" <>
Subject Tomcat log limitations?
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 17:05:19 GMT
Ok, the scenario:

Who m I?

I've no idea about Tomcat, my first contact with it has been an hour ago. 
I've been LiNUX user for several years and I know how Java servlets serves 
works, so I think I'm an average system administrator. I've been application 
programmer for several years also, so I'm an average developer also. I've 
some contact with Enhydra that perhaps you know, but I've never installed or 
use it in a production environment.

Hope this information helps.

What's the matter?

In a project, we need some collaborators each one with his own http server 
and operating system, give us they http logs in NCSA Combined format for 
generate stats for third parties.

Well, one of those collaborators told us that they cannot generate NCSA 
Combined logs because they're using TomCat... As I CANNOT reproduce each 
collaborator system environment conditions, you will understand that's not 
reasonable that I must install a TomCat server just to see if this is true.

I've seen that TomCat could be installed standalone or dependant of another 
web server like Apache or IIS. I think the situation of this collaborator is 
'standalone' because another manner should provide they the logs of its 
apache or IIS web server without troubles.

The trouble in a brief?

Just two questions:

Can TomCat as standalone server produce NCSA Combined logs? if yes... in a 
brief: How?

Please note that by evident reasons I'm not suscribed to TomCat Users list, 
so if there's an answer, please, send it to my own mail box: fmmarzoa at

THANKS A LOT everyone in advance, excuse my poor english and have a good one,

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