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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Cause found [was Re: How do I use a non-apache naming service with tomcat 4?]
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 01:25:35 GMT
> Guys,
> I've isolated the cause of the problem down to the inclusion of the
> package in my 'big everything' jar.
> If I remove the javax.naming package from the jar file, then all works
well, if
> not, we get that wierd 'signature' problem with createNamingContext.
> (with or without enabling naming).
> Would it seem reasonable not to load naming support jars if tomcat isn't
> to be running a [native] naming service?

Which version of TC 4 are you using ?
I believe the latest nightly builds could fix those problems.

> My problem here is I have a naming service I want to use and is packaged
> the corresponding javax.naming package that it is based on
> the problem is that I'm unable (by default) to control what jndi stuff
> stuffed on the classpath of tomcat
> I'm unable to swap these (the naming support jars) around as tomcat's
> seems to have been compiled against a different rev of the javax.naming
> stuff.
> So - Do you know what version of javax.naming is in tomcat 4's jndi.jar?

It's the same as yours, but loaded by a different classloader, so it's not
compatible anyway.


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