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From "George C. Hawkins" <>
Subject [FOLLOWUP] Proposed Tomcat 4.0-Beta-2 Code Freeze Date?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 20:38:43 GMT
The "Proposed Tomcat 4.0-Beta-2 Code Freeze Date" thread started on the
19th and fizzled out without any publicly visible conclusions. The
suggested tag date, i.e. the 22nd, has passed and no new one has been
proposed. Sorry to be pushy but is there a new consensus as to when to
tag. As far as I could see only Glenn strongly opposed the 22nd date and
I got the impression he could be talked out of it.

It's been quite a while since beta 1 and the viewing public anxiously
awaits a new release :-)



PS does anyone else feel that a once a week status report would be a
really good idea - nothing too big just a few lines from Craig say on
what he felt had been achieved in the last week, general feelings on
progess and non-binding comments on possible future beta/milestone
dates? This would keep nuisances like me from posting this kind of thing
and give everyone a feeling they knew how and where things were going.

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