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Subject Re: charset used for parameters decoding on HTTP request Tomcat3.x,4
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:14:18 GMT
> I would like to know the policy for the request's parameters decoding in
> Tomcat 3.x.

AFAIK there are still problems in both 3.2.x and 3.3(dev). Fixing this is
one of the highest things on my todo list, and you should expect a
solution before 3.3 beta ( i.e. in about a month ).

The solution will likely use a special module that will try to "guess" the
encoding using the common hints ( Content-Type, Accept-Language, the
common solution of passing a charset parameter ). It is not possible to
use the setCharset() method from Servlet2.3 - but in most cases you'll not
have to.

I've been working ( and thinking ) about this problem for a while, and a
lot of work has been done ( delayed conversion, etc ), the only missing
part is the encoding interceptor and fine tunning. 

BTW, I will need a lot of help on testing this one ( on different
platforms with different browsers and charsets). I'll start adding
testcases for 8859-2, but I will need sample applications in korean,
japanese, etc ( using local charsets in file names, parameters, etc ). 


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