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Subject Re: [PATCH]: Bugrat report 723 ( unescaping/unencoding URLs ) was 'Re: 3.2.2 Release?'
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 22:00:50 GMT
> Just checking back on the status of this patch, I received some email from
> someone who isn't actively on the list but has the same problem as
> originally reported in Bugrat report 723. Anyone have any feedback on the
> patch or the control characters in URL question I had?

I will work on it for 3.3 , there are few more encoding problems and I
need a bit of time. I don't think we can do it for M1, but it is on the
list and it has high priority.

( I don't know if they are checked into 3.2.x )


> David Weinrich
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> From: "David Weinrich" <>
> To: "Tomcat Dev List" <>
> Sent: Friday, February 02, 2001 23:18
> Subject: [PATCH]: Bugrat report 723 ( unescaping/unencoding URLs ) was 'Re:
> 3.2.2 Release?'
>   Thanks to everyone, that cleared things up quite a bit. Here is the patch
> for bugrat report 723 ( tomcat 3.2.x not unescaping escaped urls ). The
> patch is extremely short, and implemented a tiny bit different from the one
> I sent in for 3.2.x a while ago, the unencoding is done before the path is
> checked for other issues/security concerns to prevent unencoded stuff from
> causing these after the fact.
>   Note: I haven't yet mastered the art of Watchdog/internal tomcat tests so
> this will need to be tested a bit more thoroughly. So far the following urls
> work correctly:
> http://localhost:8080/index%20%23%24.jsp
> http://localhost:8080/index%20%23%24.html
> corresponding to the following filenames in the ROOT webapp dir:
> 'index #$.jsp' and
> 'index #$.html'
> If an error occurs in unencoding, null is returned which ends up sending a
> Not Found(404) message instead of a stack trace. This seemed to be the most
> sane way to handle the issue of improperly encoded urls. This is usually the
> result of having a value after a % that isn't two hex digits or having an
> unencoded % in the url like:
> http://localhost:8080/index%%20%23%24.jsp or
> http://localhost:8080/index%zz%23%24.jsp
> One last remaining concern I have: the current implementation of RequestUtil
> allows control characters to pass through without raising an exception, I am
> assuming this could possibly raise problems, and is fairly undesired. If I
> interpret correctly, control characters
> should not be included in URLs. If it is agreeable, I will make a patch to
> RequestUtil.URLDecode tomorrow to block characters in the ranges of 00-1f
> and 7f-9f to prevent this from being a potential problem. Thanks again!
> David
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