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Subject Re: serializing XML to a ServletOutputStream fails
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 16:12:04 GMT
Hi Michael,

I'll be working on a number of "encoding"-related problems, and support
for different charsets is one of them. The problem is not easy, and it'll
take few weeks - but you should have most of the issues resolved before
tc3.3 beta.

You can help in few ways:

1. Open a bug, with Encoding category. 

2. Write a simple servlet that outputs the Unicode you want, test it with
tomcat standalone. Check if it reproduce the problem and attach it to the 
( all test cases will be added to the sanity test, and that's a release
criteria - so it'll have to be fixed :-)

3. Try outputing the unicode without the xml serializer. It may be an xml
problem ( AFAIK OutputStream doesn't care about the content, and it works
fine for images and any binary tesxt ). I have a strong feeling that in
this case the problem is not in tomcat :-)
( well, if it is in xml I'll also have to deal with it :-)


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