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Subject 3.3 build tree
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 19:43:02 GMT
> GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> > And +1 for TC 3.x branch.
> Yes, please. =)

Not so fast, please :-)

There are scripts and people using the current style.

-0 on changing 3.x: 
  I think the sources and binaries shouldn't be in the same directory
tree ( look at RedHat /usr/src hierarchy, look at gcc/make/etc style,
etc). Of course, it's easy to override whatever default - and the only
question is which will be the default. If most people prefer the "build
files in src" - that's fine, I'll not -1 it. 

-1 on changing 3.x in the next 2 weeks - I just got the nightly to
run/test/retest tomcat in various configurations and I want to have it
running for a while before the world changes. 


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