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From Rich Catlett <>
Subject committing a taglib
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:38:37 GMT
I work with a committer, and I have a taglib that I would like to commit
to the Apache project.  First off the taglib is called scrape.  It makes
an http connection to a named site and then using regular expressions it
grabs a portion and displays it in the users own jsp page.  It
understands the http headers lastmodified and expired, and it uses these
along with a time limit to determine if it needs to go and rescrape the
page of if it can use a cached version.  This way it is not banging on
the servers all of the time and it speeds up the page when it is
requested.  I have a few questions though, the taglib uses an HTTPClient
package that is licensed under the GNU LGPL.  I wanted to ask those who
are licenseing gurus, what form should I include this package in: just a
jar file containg the class files, copyright and license, the whole
package, or in some other form.

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