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From "Aaron Knauf" <>
Subject IIS/ISAPI connection to tomcat
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 04:32:39 GMT
I have a little problem with the isapi_redirect.dll connector to Tomcat. 
There seems to be a buffering problem with sending the response back to 
the browser.

My symptoms are as follows:
I access a JSP file running in Tomcat via the IIS and isapi_redirect.dll 
and I receive a page back that has random fragments of HTML repeated 
several times.

I am happy with tracking down the problem and fixing it myself, if 
necessary, but before I do that I would like to ensure that I am not 
wasting my time.

I am using tomcat 3.1-FINAL and a version of isapi_redirect.dll of about 
the same vintage.  I cannot upgrade this server to Tomcat 3.2, as the case 
sensitivity breaks existing code (not written by me - bloody IIS).

Has anyone seen/fixed this problem before?
I see that there have been some changes to the source files since then. 
Should I be using a later version of the redirector, or is the new code 
specific to a later tomcat version? (I don't want to be fixing old code.)

Thanks in advance for any help/advice that you can offer.

Aaron Knauf
Implementation Consultant
Genie Systems Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph. +64-9-573 3310 x812, email:
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