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From "Thomas Bezdicek" <>
Subject AW: Some benchmarks
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:16:00 GMT
>Put a "-server" in the command line for running tomcat when using the sun
>jdk.  This should be on by default IMHO, unfortunately other VM's complain
>about this.  Requiring a bit of fancy work to eval the JDK you're running
>on.  For now, just hand hack it in there and run the Sun tests again! :)

Be careful with that on Solaris (at least 8), we catched with -server every
now and than a SIGNAL 11 with a total stop of tomcat. this is known bug
at sun. so if you face a SIGNAL 11 switch from -server back to -client and
everything works fine again.

regards, tom

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