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From "Charles Chen" <>
Subject RE: Working combination of apache+lservModule+tomcat? or IIS5 +tomcat?
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 22:27:11 GMT
Ok, point taken. I have unsubscribed from this list.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jon Stevens []
Sent: 04 February 2001 22:13
Subject: Re: Working combination of apache+lservModule+tomcat? or IIS5

on 2/4/01 12:26 PM, "Charles Chen" <> wrote:

> Sorry if this is not the right list to ask such a simple question. I
> this list are read by all those tomcat experts and therefore may get this
> answer more quickly.

Totally unacceptable and a complete lack of respect for the resources
provided to you. You should have asked this question on the User list
because it is a User question. I just updated this page (see below) to cover
this little abuse.

"Summary: Do not abuse resources in order to get help. Asking your
configuration or user type of question on the developers list because you
think that you will get help more quickly by going directly to the
developers instead of to the user base is not very nice. Chances are that
doing this will actually prevent people from answering your question because
it is clear that you are trying to abuse resources. "



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