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From "Berche, Guillaume" <>
Subject Bug report: welcome-file broken with non static pages (e.g. servl et paths)
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 08:52:26 GMT

Despites the Servlet specs 2.2 are pretty vague about this problem, I guess that the <welcome-file>
entry should be able to specify servlet names. However, tomcat 3.2.1 fails to do this. Looking
a bit into it, I diagnosed it as follows: 

org.apache.tomcat.request.StaticInterceptor.getWelcomeFile(Context context, File dir) checks
for each welcome-file entry to verify it corresponds to a physically available file. Then,
if the file if found, an HTTP redirection would be sent. Consequently, if the welcome-file
entry is a servlet path (specified with a servlet mapping) then it would fail.

I worked around the problem in my local copy of tomcat 3.2.1 by removing the checking of the
availability of the file and thus always redirecting to the first welcome-file entry. If this
can help someone, here is the patched code in org.apache.tomcat.request.StaticInterceptor.getWelcomeFile(Context
context, File dir) 

I hope this can help,


The welcome-file-list contains an ordered list of welcome files
<!ELEMENT welcome-file-list (welcome-file+)>
The welcome-file element contains file name to use as a default
welcome file, such as index.html
<!ELEMENT welcome-file (#PCDATA)>

   private String getWelcomeFile(Context context, File dir) {
	Enumeration enum = context.getWelcomeFiles();

	while (enum.hasMoreElements()) {
	    String fileName = (String)enum.nextElement();
	    File f = new File(dir, fileName);
	    //GBE patch: always return the first welcome-file even if we can't
	    //check that it exists: it might be a JSP page which would require
	    //another interceptor to come into the play to handle it if
	    //(f.exists()) {
		return fileName;
		//	    }
	return null;

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