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From Daniela Hasel <>
Subject Please help! - It's ok!
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 23:04:11 GMT
I finally managed to get the sample files working. It seems that some
component on the machine I was working on failed. I simply had to reboot the
system and then everything came back up again ok as it did previously.
Unfortunately, I've been working on our development server, so that was a
pain for everyone who was using the server!!!

Now that I finally have the sample servlets working I'm trying to get my own
web application up and working. I've placed a folder with the same directory
structure as the examples one under the WebApps folder. I made the necessary
changes to the server.xml as the documentation describes and my web
application is still not running as it should. (I'm following documentation
I have for how to do this, but some of it is pretty general and vague!)

Does anyone have by chance a step-by-step instruction guide as to how to
create your own web application using TomCat and Apache? Something that
would totally spell out where every file ought to be, exactly what needs to
be written in the config files and how to launch the entire thing?

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate your support!

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