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From Daniela Hasel <>
Subject Please help!
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 20:30:57 GMT
Hi. I'm new to programming web sites and such, so please have patience with
I'm working on a Unix machine, using Apache 1.3.14 with TomCat 3.1. What I'm
trying to accomplish is to get a simple Survey on our website, and once the
submit button is pressed, to have that information sent to a database.

Right now I'm having a simple problem of not being able to even get the
example servlets working from TomCat. I had it working previously, but now
it's not. If you go to the Jakarta TomCat Installation Guide html page
(which comes with TomCat) there is a link at the bottom of the page that
takes you to a list of sample servlets that you can test. There's a list of
samples like HelloWorld, RequestInfo, Cookies and Sessions. You can execute
these to see how servlets work, but when I try to execute one, I get an
Internal Server Error. The error says that 'The server encountered an
internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.'
I checked all the configuration files to see if there was any extraneous
stuff in it (admittedly I have added stuff to the Server.xml and Web.xml
files to try to get my web site working) and got rid of anything I put into
them. I cleaned up the files so that they looked exactly as they did before
I touched them, yet the sample servlets still don't work! I've looked
through all the configuration files I could think of and nothing seems
different from the way it was originally. What could I be missing here? What
could be causing this type of error? I've shut down and restarted both the
Apache server and TomCat, and I still get this error.

If anyone could suggest something or help me I'd be very grateful and
indebted to you. Thanks in advance!

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