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From Kief Morris <>
Subject [TOMCAT 4] Session refactoring
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2001 14:03:20 GMT
I'm looking at a bit of refactoring of the Session and Manager code
before I get into more serious stuff. The objective of this round of
refactoring is to remove dependencies on StandardSession and
ManagerBase, and instead have code deal with these using the
Session and Manager interfaces. The benefits I see include:

- Ensures that the interfaces clearly specify the operations that
  an implementation of Session or Manager must support to work
  with Catalina.
- Makes the code cleaner and easier to understand, since there
  isn't so much casting and checking for instanceof.

What I need to do is:
- Add methods to the Session and Manager interfaces. I've done some
  preliminary work to see what these will be: New methods in the Session 
  interface include activate(), passivate(), setNew(), setValid(), readObjectData(),
  writeObjectData(). New methods in the Manager interface: remove(), add()
- Cleanup of code to remove dependencies on specific implementations
  of these interfaces.
- A way to define the Session class which will be used in server.xml.

After this I will look at moving code which is currently duplicated in
StandardManager and PersistentManager up to the ManagerBase

I'm posting this rather than just doing it because I want to check whether
I should do this on a separate branch to avoid screwing up the B2 release.
I also need to figure out the session testing code and see whether I need
to add anything to it so I can properly test any changes I make.


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