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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Common Session code 3.3/4.0 (was: [VOTE] New Committer: Kief Morris)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 10:23:20 GMT typed the following on 02:07 PM 2/6/2001 -0800
>> >( +2 if he also ports them to tomcat 3.3 or makes them independent of
>> >the container architecture - i.e. general purpose utils for
>> >serialization/deserialization with a simple adapter for each server :-)
>> Sure, the 3.3 code could be modified to use the Store interfaces to 
>> its sessions, although that would require sharing the Session interface. 
>> a bit too much work for the current release cycle.
>This doesn't have to be part of tomcat3.3 release - it can be a standalone
>module. The only issue is that the code you write ( Store, impls, etc )
>need to be "standalone" - i.e. be usable in any container.
>( the session manager for tomcat3.2 is based on early catalina session
>managers, but it was a huge pain to extract the session management and use
>it, since it depended on a lot of internals - Request, Lifecycle, etc).

True, this may make it more work than than it's worth. It would be possible
to define interfaces for SessionManager, Session, and Store which can be
used by both (and other) containers. As long as each container can depend 
only on the defined interfaces, without compromising their existing architectures,
someone could develop an implementation that can be used on any container
using the interfaces. 

I'd be willing to work with someone on these interfaces, but for the time being
I'm going to continue developing Catalina's session management code integrated 
with its architecture, which isn't likely to be portable. If someone wants to port
the stuff to a 3.3 module I'm happy to help.


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