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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: [report] Classloading problems between Catalina and Cocoon
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:08:00 GMT
Hi frederic!

frederic barachant wrote:

> Hi guys.
> i've been watching the list for a week by now, to understand how things work here.
> I'm a not so long C/C++ coder (7 years in graphics programming and GUI design) and
> went to Java last year. I'm very enthusiastic about it, and all products from apache,
> gnu,... (using gcc, apache and tomcat).
> Despite these tools are really cool, i still think there is a lack of user friendly interfacing
> that could bring these tools to the higher level (or lower, depending on how you see
that :)
> The question is are you aware of projects of GUIs for Tomcat and others?
> If yes, i'm sorry to disturb you, but would like a to have a link anyway.
> If no, do you think a swing interface could be plugged to tomcat? (not talking of integrating
> it directly, but more an external remote utility that could operate from anywhere)

There's an administration web application, and it works quite well. That is quite comfortable
use, since it's remote and graphical.

It's still not as complete as iPlanet's, but going better each release.

Un saludo,


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