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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: TC3.2.1 - response commit on included JSPs
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 05:06:47 GMT
Mel Martinez wrote:

> Without getting stuck on the details of either of the
> above issues, the real issue is that as it stands
> above, if you do a dynamic include of a JSP page then
> the response object is committed upon the return of
> the method.  I don't believe that is correct behavior.

Arguably not correct, but it was a workaround to a worse problem in Tomcat 3.2-b6 that
would otherwise have required a pretty substantial rearchitecting of 3.2.  The old BugRat
system (and the CVS commits) have details on the rationale, but we added a flush to the
code in Tomcat 3.2 that handles includes.

> Is this fixed in a later release?  If so, which one
> should I upgrade to?

Tomcat 4.0 does not exhibit this problem, and does not force a flush.  I do not know the
status of 3.3 in this respect.

> Thanks,
> mel

Craig McClanahan

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