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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Re: Updating Tomcat3 Bugzilla items
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:39:57 GMT
I've assigned most of the mod_jk connector bugs to myself, and will try to
do this same work (verifying -> resolving and/or markings as LATER).  I've
also closed out a few which I know are fixed.  I've been marking them as
part of the "Nightly Build" if the fixes are slated to be part of 3.2.2
(most of the bugs came from BugRat, and, as such aren't specified against a
particular version).  I think that makes sense, since they are fixed in the
Nightly Build (even if they were reported against 3.2.1 or 3.1 or

I haven't picked up any of the NT-related mod_jk bugs (and there are a few),
since I have zero ability to test anything NT-related.


Marc Saegesser wrote:
> I realize that the voting on Tomcat 3.2.2 is not complete yet, but I want to
> get a head start on reviewing/updating Bugzilla reports against Tomcat 3.
> There are currently 248 reports in the open/reopened/new states.  All of
> these need to be reviewed and addressed prior to finalizing 3.2.2.  I will
> be attempting to verify these bugs and either fix them, invalidate them (if
> they aren't really bugs) or mark them as resolution=LATER.  I am not an
> expert in every detail of Tomcat and Jasper so if I can't determine if
> something is a real bug of not I'll most likely just set the resolution to
> LATER and move on.  If I manage to get through 10 of these things a day
> (probably unreasonable) it will still take almost a month.  Obviously the
> sooner I start the better.
> I would ask that anyone who has committed fixes to the tomcat_32 branch
> double check that the bug report has been closed.  If anyone would like to
> help review and update these things it would be *greatly* appreciated.  If
> you think I've incorrectly invalidated a bug please let me know.
> Marc Saegesser
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