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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Re: What about mod_jk/ajp as tomcat sub-project
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 21:35:33 GMT
To me, having a separate project doesn't make a lot of sense (yet, at

There are different "levels" of mod_jk in TC 3.2 and TC 3.3 as you say, but
it's really just the same as having new code in the 3.3 in general.  Bug
fixes should be committed in the 3.2 branch, but new features, performance
improvements and refactorings should all be confined to 3.3.  Until fairly
recently, the mod_jk native code was so unsupported that no one was
contributing anything to it, which kept it perfectly in sync with 3.3. 
However, as new work goes on, only the bug fixes are going into 3.2.  Some
things (like adding WebDAV support), are borderline, but my instinct is to
be conservative about what we put into 3.2 -- we're trying to reestablish a
level of trust in the stability of Tomcat, so I'd rather not take chances.

You could argue that having the underlying protocols maintain backward
compatability should be a design goal, so that running TC 3.3 with a mod_jk
plugin built from 3.2 should work.  I think this is very desirable, but not
an absolute requirement.  If someone downloads a new release, requiring them
to rebuild their plugin might be reasonable -- it should be documented.  I
believe that it is currently possible to run TC 3.3 with the 3.2 version of

I would love to see mod_jk connectors ported to TC 4 (and I am still hoping
to do some of that work when I find the time).  If and when that happens, it
might make sense to consider a new sub-project.  Until then, I think that
would just add complexity to the build process.


GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> My proposal come from the constat we have now 2 differents Tomcat
> distro 3.2.x and 3.3.x each one with a different level of mod_jk.
> Tomcat 4.x could also benefits from a port of mod_jk even
> if they have started working on mod_webapp. May be via a merge of
> both parts in mod_jk/mod_webapp.
> So why not a common connector related sub-project, with mod_jk native part
> and AJPx connectors (for TC 3.2/3.3/4.0) ?
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