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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: RequestDispatcher and exceptions
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 21:09:31 GMT wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm working on few bugs related with RequestDispatcher ( well, it started
> with parameter handling, but RequestDispatcher is the place that have to
> be resolved first in order to resolve parameters - since it is doing
> special things with the params ).
> The main issue is what should happen if an exception is thrown in
> include() ?
> The current behavior is that the error handler is called, and it displays
> the "500 whatever" or the error page for that exception.
> But by reading the spec, it seems that the "correct" thing to do is to
> just throw the exception -
> include() does have a throw declaration and is documented to throw
> exceptions.
> My understanding is that "error handlers" ( as declared in server.xml or
> the implicit ones ) should be called only on the top-level request.
> ( a servlet including another one may be able to deal with the errors - if
> it doesn't catch them they will be thrown anyway )..
> The particular test is /test/servlet/dispatch.PrintWriterTest1Servlet
> where it expects the error in include to be reported instead of thrown.
> My preference would be to fix the test and throw exceptions from
> include(). On the other side this changes the behavior of tomcat - and I
> need a second opinion. If indeed the include() is supposed to throw the
> exception, then it's a spec issue and the previous behavior doesn't
> matter.

In Tomcat 4, the following rules are applied:
* If the included servlet throws ServletException or IOException,
  propogate it on to the calling servlet (i.e. no error page behavior).
* If the included servlet throws any other exception (such as
  NullPointerException), wrap it in a ServletException and propogate
  that to the calling servlet (i.e. no error page behavior).

In other words, I understood the spec the same way you did.  Error pages only
happen at the top-level servlet.

> --
> Costin


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