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From Christopher Cain <>
Subject Re: 3.3 build tree
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 21:31:53 GMT wrote:

> > GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> >
> > > And +1 for TC 3.x branch.
> >
> > Yes, please. =)
> Not so fast, please :-)
> There are scripts and people using the current style.
> -0 on changing 3.x:
>   I think the sources and binaries shouldn't be in the same directory
> tree ( look at RedHat /usr/src hierarchy, look at gcc/make/etc style,
> etc). Of course, it's easy to override whatever default - and the only
> question is which will be the default. If most people prefer the "build
> files in src" - that's fine, I'll not -1 it.

I see what you are saying, that a "make install" usually creates the files
in etc or opt rather and not in the source directory. I guess I look at
"build" as more equivalent to "make", because I ususally just copy the
resulting directory structure from build to the production location

While the proposed new solution may not completely be the *nix standard,
it is, IMHO, a little better than the current method inasmuch as it is not
recursing up the directory structure. That has always struck me as a
little unsafe for reasons that i, admittedly, cannot fully quantify (just
a feeling). My opinion would be that the new structure be the default. I
know that there are enough scripts in place that it would be a subtle pain
for some, but there always seems to be something to change between
releases anyway :-)

> -1 on changing 3.x in the next 2 weeks - I just got the nightly to
> run/test/retest tomcat in various configurations and I want to have it
> running for a while before the world changes.
> --
> Costin

I can certainly sympathize with that. Obviously this is more of a
symmantical build thing than real functionality, so I don't really
consider it a priority by any means. Even if the community decides that
the new structure is the way to go, I don't think it makes much of a
difference until a (possible) 3.3 release is upon us. If and when the
change is made, I will volunteer to patch the docs accordingly.



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