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From "Ray Thomas" <>
Subject Regular expressions in JkMount
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 23:53:24 GMT
I'm not sure if feature requests go here but it seems better than tomcat-user.  Anyway...

I have seen numerous requests for mapping specific URI's to a specific tomcat worker through
mod_jk and I would like to do that as well.  The need arises when the simple pattern matching
used by JkMount is not enough to select only the URI patterns that should be sent to tomcat.
 Please add the ability to express the URI pattern in JkMount as a standard regular expression.
 For example, to match any <servlet-mapping> in a web app named webappx, where the <url-pattern>
is similar to /myHomeServlet or /loginServlet and forward matching requests to a worker named
workerabc, the JkMount would be something like:

JkMount /webappx/(.*)Servlet$ workerabc

Effectively, this says send only requests under webappx that end in Servlet to the workerabc
instance of tomcat.  There is apparently no way currently to express this exactly.  Because
so many people depart from the standard /webappx/servlet/* URI pattern with web app servlet
mappings that it would be very helpful to be able to pass through requests that match a "regular
expression" pattern.


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